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July 2014 Newsletter


Partners' Introduction


Summer is the season for allowing yourself a bit of a suspension from regular work and activities. This may mean taking an adventurous vacation abroad, enjoying some downtime at home with family and friends via a staycation, or anything in between.


Later this week we embark on our own kind of summer vacation: a 9-day yogahour teachers' intensive in St. Louis. The word 'intensive' underscores that this is no restorative yoga retreat with candles and incense. Instead full days of physical and mental engagement will be a certainty, and continuing education exams start on the very first day. Yet, there is something about being able to suspend our typical busy daily routines of multitasking to focus on just one of the many roles we both play that makes this indeed a vacation.


Regardless of what your summer vacation or staycation looks like, we hope everyone will find some time for a little yoga R&R. That's why we have chosen our Ease teacher, Joan Wadopian, to offer the pose of the month. Follow her simple instructions and spend some time this month in one of our favorite restorative yoga poses: legs up the wall.


We are also excited to bring you more yoga nidra, a guided form of deep relaxation that is sure to leave you well rested and renewed. Look for upcoming workshop opportunities with Joanna Andreae July 26 and August 16 to learn about and experience this profoundly relaxing practice.  And Tara Lemerise's monthly restorative workshop:  Turn On, Tune In and Bliss Out is sure to offer an extra blissful dose on July 19 after Tara's recent study with restorative yoga master Judith Lasater.


We anticipate that we too will indulge in legs up the wall and/or yoga nidra back in our hotel room after long days of practice and teaching during our yogahour intensive, as we are well aware of how just a small amount of time spent on rejuvenation is enough to refuel you for another day.


Rest and renew,
Stacey & Betsy



 Joanna Andreae

Student of the Month

Joanna Andreae

"I have immensely enjoyed yogahour classes at CHY. For a person still working that crazy corporate job, and incredibly interested in health and wellness and all things yoga, I find the practices are beautiful, concise yet powerful moments to reconnect, restore, and reinvigorate. And I really do feel it! I also love the diversity of teachers at CHY – it’s hard to find a favorite! I think that is so important in a studio – to both have a unique and central mission but to allow space for each person’s creativity and special leadership talents."


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Upcoming Workshops

Turn On, Tune In, Bliss Out:  Restorative Yoga - July 19

Turn on your body's ability to relax and tune in as the stress and tension dissolves into blissful tranquility. Using soothing and deeply supported restorative yoga postures, this profoundly relaxing practice can shift your attitude, clear your mind, and heal your body. You will leave feeling completely revitalized and renewed. All levels welcome.


Summer Reset:  Yoga Nidra - July 26

A yoga nidra workshop to give the busiest of people some much needed R&R.  This workshop is all about rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. If you are looking for a break from your busy day-to-day, or a chance to re-energize and reinvigorate yourself, this is the perfect session for you.




 Ingrid - Legs Up the Wall

Pose of the Month

Viparita Karani / Legs Up the Wall

This gentle inversion is a great pose to do if you are feeling fatigued. It regenerates the heart and lungs and quiets the mind. This pose refreshes the legs muscles and enhances your circulatory system. This pose is beneficial for those who retain water and whose legs swell from standing for long periods at a time.


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General Announcements 

prAna Final Sale

All prAna yoga tops sold in studio are now just $30 plus tax (that's 50% or more savings) while supplies last.

July 4 Schedule

Have a happy and safe Independence Day.  The 7:45pm class July 3 is canceled and we will be closed July 4.  CHY will reopen July 5 with our full class schedule.



Edge is taking a summer hiatus and will return Sundays at 4pm with Stacey beginning September 7.


Yogahour® Teacher Training: Sept 2014 - Feb 2015

Deepen your study.  Be a yoga teacher.  200 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga school.