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September 2014 Newsletter

BKS IyengarPartners' Introduction

This month we honor all of our yoga teachers and celebrate that each teacher leaves an imprint on their students, thereby establishing a yoga lineage to be passed on to the next yogi. On August 20 the world lost one of the most influential yoga teachers of all time: Bellur Krishnamachar Sundaraj (BKS) Iyengar. Mr. Iyengar was responsible for bringing hatha yoga to the west, and the yoga offerings that you enjoy at CHY can be traced back to roots in Iyengar Yoga. Mr. Iyengar left a legacy and a wealth of information that ensures his teachings will live on. His book entitled “Light on Yoga” published in 1966 has become our yoga bible; it’s our primary resource for classical asana (poses). The ubiquitous array of props that you find in yoga studios can be attributed to Mr. Iyengar, as he was the first to implement props as a way to help to make asana more accessible to students. He is also credited with revolutionizing the therapeutic applications of yoga and opening the gateway to asana for women. 

Another tool that Mr. Iyengar implemented to inform his and his students’ practice was the use of still and video photography. We too have taken on this approach for ourselves and in the teacher training programs that we lead, as we have found that indeed photos of us in poses can serve as great teaching moments. This month our featured pose is a video, inspired by Mr. Iyengar and prepared by Betsy, that teaches and demonstrates that beauty and ease are possible in pose transitions. 

Transitions, whether in practice or life, can often feel unsteady. This month we have a transition in our teaching staff. It is time to say goodbye to long time CHY teachers Denise Alston and Kelly Fisher. Denise has been with us since we opened and was also a teacher at the studio that came before us. Kelly was a co-teacher in CHY's very first immersion and teacher training programs. We will miss them both, but we know that their teachings have made an imprint on so many at CHY and we wish them all the best in their new adventures. We would like to welcome our newest teacher Danica Stanciu. She has been a long time CHY student and graduated from our first teacher training program. We are very excited to have Danica step into her teaching role. 

As teachers, we are first and foremost students of yoga. After a year of intensive study, required assignments, and numerous tests (verbal and written), we are thrilled to announce our latest accomplishment: the two of us as well as CHY teachers Tricia Kull and Katie Rutterer have officially become certified yogahour teachers. Check out our student of the month feature to read about our yoga lineage and the teachers who have most influenced our paths. Darren Rhodes, creator of yogahour, is integral to our lineage and it is from him that we offer you yogahour classes. We are excited to host Darren at the studio this month to kick off our yogahour teacher training program. Darren will also teach a few public offerings while he is here, including Barefoot Bootcamp and a debut of his new class type entitled yugahour. Don't miss this rare chance to study directly with our teacher. 

Students and teachers of yoga, 
Stacey & Betsy 

“When I practise, I’m a philosopher. When I teach, I’m a scientist. When I demonstrate, I’m an artist.” ~BKS Iyengar

Student of the Month

Certified yogahour® Teachers: Tricia, Stacey, Katie, and Betsy

Tricia, Stacey, Katie, Betsy

"My yoga lineage starts with Rodney Yee, who I have never met. I began practicing yoga during my residency with his videotapes. They were a Christmas present that I gave myself. Eight years later, I took my first consistent group yoga class in Annapolis with Alicia Sweeney. After the very first class, as I walked out into the parking lot to my car, I realized I had a huge smile on my face. At that moment, I knew I had found something really special. I soon, thereafter, moved back to D.C., started taking classes at Capitol Hill Yoga and other D.C. studios, and fell in love with the alignment focus of Anusara Yoga." - Tricia Kull

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Upcoming Workshops

Practice with yogahour® founder Darren Rhodes - September 5-7

At 90 minutes long, yugahour is yogahour and then some.  Friday marks the debut offering of yugahour at Capitol Hill Yoga!  Want more?  Join Darren Rhodes for yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp Saturday and Sunday.  Introduce yourself to all of the poses of the yogahour syllabus.  Whether you are new to yoga, a casual practitioner, or a serious yogini this practice is sure to make an imprint.

Prenatal & Postnatal yogahour® Series - Begins September 12

Are you an active new mom or mom to be looking for a yoga class that uplifts your strength and confidence while offering the physical support and modifications you and baby need during this special time? This workshop series packs all the power and play of yogahour within a class specifically designed to be safe and supportive for both prenatal and postnatal (6+ weeks post birth) women.

Yoga Basics:  6 Week intro to yoga series - Begins September 13

The series is geared towards students new to yoga. Students will learn about the structure of a yoga class, breathing techniques to deepen awareness and relaxation, and basic poses to increase flexibility, strength and range of motion. After taking this series, students are encouraged to join our Yoga Essentials classes. Students will also receive a handout with each class that will aid you in continuing your practice outside the yoga studio.

Turn On, Tune In, Bliss Out:  Restorative Yoga - September 20

Turn on your body's ability to relax and tune in as the stress and tension dissolves into blissful tranquility. Using soothing and deeply supported restorative yoga postures, this profoundly relaxing practice can shift your attitude, clear your mind, and heal your body. You will leave feeling completely revitalized and renewed. All levels welcome.

Couples Yoga Workshop for Labor & Delivery - September 27

This workshop is an opportunity for pregnant women and their partners to practice yoga poses and breathing techniques that many women have found helpful during labor and delivery. Partners will learn how to support and empower their laboring mamas through the use of various laboring positions, massage techniques, methods of labor communication and ways to reinforce a safe, nurturing birth environment.


Pose of the Month

Triangle to Revolved Triangle Transition 

Enjoy this video focusing on the transition from Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle pose) to Pavritta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle pose).

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General Announcements

Schedule Changes

Check the schedule before you head into class. We've made a few changes we hope you'll love!

Danica Stanciu

Welcoming our newest CHY teacher Danica Stanciu for Expanding every Sunday beginning September 14. Danica has been a long time CHY student and graduate of our teacher training program.

This Weekend

CHY's regular schedule is cancelled Friday, September 5 as we kick off our yogahour teacher training program. You can still join us for yugahour with Darren Rhodes from 5:30-7:00pm. It's yogahour and then some! The 12:15pm Expanding and 4pm Edge classes will not be held Sunday, September 7.

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