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April 2015 Newsletter


Spring really has arrived!  This month we practice for the joy of cherry blossoms, baseball, spring showers, and longer days.  Why do you practice?

Jai jai spring,
Stacey and Betsy


Student of the Month - Marta Churella



"As someone with chronic tightness in the major muscle groups in my legs, I've always preferred classes that go slow, provide modifications, and are more heavily geared towards the meditative side of yoga. In the spirit of pushing limits creatively I've started attending yoga hour classes recently as well. It's been both gratifying and humbling so far and I look forward to future discoveries that happen in that setting."

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Upcoming Workshops

 Restorative Yoga-flyer_copy   Asana Lab   

Barefoot Bootcamp    Rest for All



Pose of the Month - Chaturanga Dandasana Transition

Spring is a time of transition and so it's a great time to take a closer look at the transitions in your yoga practice. If you find the lift from belly down up into chaturanga (push up) a tricky one, you are not alone! Check out this video for some tips for a lift off that will build strength for all transitions, on and off the mat.

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General Announcements

Instagram Fun

Follow us on Instagram to check out all the fun ways we infuse yoga into our days on and off the yoga mat.  This month CHY has joined our first (and second) 30 day challenge posting our #GreenSmoothie and #Detoxyobody pics each day of the month.

DC Yoga Week - May 3-9

Save the date for DC Yoga Week May 3-9.  The annual event is a week long event designed to celebrate the practice of yoga as a life-enhancing, stress-reducing discipline. Check out our schedule of free and $5.00 classes throughout the week!

7 Day Challenge - Earn $25 CHY Credit

Roll out your mat at Capitol Hill Yoga with 7 classes within 7 consecutive days and receive a $25 CHY credit.  Start anytime and use #chychallenge to tell your friends about your adventure.

Yoga Kitchen - Vegan Chickpea Salad


This dish makes a great staple salad for a spring picnic in the park on your yoga mat. Enjoy this vegan spin-off of tuna salad as a base for all of your favorite spring vegetables. Chickpea salad is a nice treat alone, on crackers or sandwiched between sprouted whole grain toast as a satisfying lunch.

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Beyond the Asana - Mala Beads

A primary piece of CHY's vision is to make the traditional, yet timeless teachings of yoga accessible to our lives right here and now. Explore some of the deeper roots of yoga in our beyond the asana section each month.

Mala Beads

Have you wondered what the story is behind the beautiful mala beads available for purchase in the studio? A mala (Sanskrit for garland) is a set of beads, typically 108, that is traditionally used as a tool for meditation. Since it can be difficult to focus the mind on a single object, using a mala helps the practitioner focus on repetition of a mantra (a meaningful word or phrase used to concentrate thought) in sets of 108. While reciting mantras, the mala beads are held in the right hand, and the thumb and ring or middle finger are used to rotate through each bead of the mala.

Mala beads hold beauty and energy, especially after absorbing positive energy through use in meditation practice. Today wearing a mala as a necklace is common. Mala beads can be found in varied colors and made of a range of materials. In wearing them as necklaces, their beauty and energy are showcased, bringing mala beads into the mainstream. Hopefully this piques others' curiosity of the lovely garlands and invites more people to try using a mala for meditation.