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August 2015 Newsletter

There is something special about August in Washington, D.C.  We notice folks walking just a little bit slower to get into the office, enjoying a few extra minutes to chat with neighbors at the coffee shop, and putting the laptop away a little earlier at the end of the day.  We hope you take this month to escape from our busy culture by joining us in the studio for a namastay-cation.

  • Greet the morning sun with your yoga community.  We have 6am yogahour classes Monday-Friday.
  • Play hookie and beat the mid-day heat.  CHY offers 10 weekday classes between 9am-5pm.
  • Unwind with yoga each evening where you'll find our biggest variety of class types.

Stacey and Betsy


Student of the Month - Lyles



Upcoming Workshops

Couples Yoga Workshop For Labor & Delivery     Yoga Basics Sept 2015

Restorative Yoga Workshop     Happy Feet & Knees

Seasonal Self Care
     yoga for seniors



General Announcements

Yoga Nidra

Reset with Yoga Nidra each Sunday night from 7:15-8:15pm.  The Thursday evening Yoga Nidra class is on hiatus for August and will return in September.

7 Day Challenge - Earn $25 CHY Credit

Challenge yourself to 7 classes within 7 consecutive days at Capitol Hill Yoga and receive a $25 CHY credit.  Start anytime and use #chychallenge to tell your friends about your adventure.

Stretch to the Cure - September 5

Capitol Hill Yoga will donate 50% of the proceeds from our Saturday, September 5, 8:00-9:00am Yogahour class to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Join us in stretching to the cure!

Drishti Festival - A Fall Yoga Festival in Virginia Beach, VA

Join CHY's own Betsy Poos with more than 40 world class teachers in Virginia Beach for four days of yoga (October 8-11).  Drishti Fest is about establishing focus, and our focus is set on providing a community-driven, world-class yoga event, that leaves participants feeling inspired, connected, and just plain happy.  

 Pose of the Month - Couch Pose

This month we work with couch pose. In sanskrit couch pose is Paryankasana. Grab two blocks and a yoga strap or a couple of wash clothes, view the video, and work one stage at a time. Stacey hopes that with some practice you will grow to love this pose as much as she does.