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April 2014 Newsletter


Partners' Introduction


Spring is here.  Spring is here.  Spring is here!  After what felt like a very long winter that had us all cringing at the term Polar Vortex we think it’s safe to say Spring really has sprung.  So bring on the outdoor café seats, Cherry Blossoms, and lots of yoga goodness.


We are delighted to be a part of the annual DC Yoga Week from April 28-May 3 to celebrate the practice of yoga as a life-enhancing and stress-reducing discipline.  CHY has joined area studios in offering free & $5 classes throughout the week.  This year CHY highlights our always accessible and affordable yogahour classes.  Check out our $5 class schedule here!


But you don’t have to wait for DC Yoga Week to strike your optimal yoga value at CHY.  Join the more than 400 students this year who have made our free community class held every Sunday 6-7pm the perfect Om.  And we hope you always enjoy the complimentary mat rental, hand towels, water, and tea.  From the small perks to the expert teachers we know it all matters.


In this month of bloom we are highlighting the seeds of foundation that have led to our warm, fun and evolving community.  Check out Tricia’s wall dog in our pose of the month as the perfect way to open, and read how Barbara’s yoga practice has grown over her years with us at CHY.  Indeed we are so inspired with Barbara’s practice she is the first student we’ve featured twice!


Our popular Yoga Basics series is back along with Tara’s always relaxing Turn On, Tune In, Bliss Out monthly restorative workshop.  Celebrate Earth Day with Kelly & Ingrid via yoga and nutrition.  Or if this burst of spring has you wanting to turn up the volume commit to the 7 Day CHY Challenge and join us for Yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp.


Spring Smiles,

Betsy & Stacey




Pose of the Month


L Pose at the Wall / Wall Dog


One of the best yoga props (which we don’t always realize can be used as a prop!) is the wall.  It can aid in balance and stability, help generate leverage, and allow you to invert without the fear of falling over.

April’s pose of the month, which uses this wonderful prop, is L-pose at the wall (also known as “wall dog” or ardha uttanasana at the wall).  L-pose helps to stretch your spine and is a great shoulder opener.   It also tones the legs and stretches the hamstrings.  L-pose provides many of the benefits of downward facing dog without having to bear the weight of your body on your hands and wrists. 

L-pose can be used as a warm-up at the beginning of your practice, as part of a shoulder opening series, or as a great “office break” pose after sitting at your computer or in a meeting for hours.

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Upcoming Workshops


Yoga Basics - Begins April 12

The six week series is geared towards students new to yoga. Students will learn about the structure of a yoga class, breathing techniques to deepen awareness and relaxation, and basic poses to increase flexibility, strength and range of motion. After taking this series, students are encouraged to join our Yoga Essentials classes. Students will also receive a handout with each class that will aid you in continuing your practice outside the yoga studio.


Turn On, Tune In, Bliss Out - April 12

Turn on your body's ability to relax and tune in as the stress and tension dissolves into blissful tranquility. Using soothing and deeply supported restorative yoga postures, this profoundly relaxing practice can shift your attitude, clear your mind, and heal your body. You will leave feeling completely revitalized and renewed. All levels welcome.


Celebrate Earth Day - April 19

Celebrate Earth Day 2014 with Kelly and Ingrid. Planet Earth provides for us in so many ways, so give back by taking care of yourself. Yoga and its accompanying practices of meditation, yoga nidra, chanting, and healthy eating assist you in letting go of patterns in your life that are constricting. You can then make space for yourself to be the creative, loving person you already are but for which you might not always have time. It is not just living, it's thriving. When you nourish yourself, your friends and family, your community, even the planet will benefit. 


Yogahour® Barefoot Bootcamp - April 26

Yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp = 4 Hours & 200 Poses.  Every yogahour class is an exquisite executive summary, but this afternoon we will practice the book cover to cover. Step in and introduce yourself to all 200 poses of the yogahour syllabus.  Whether you are new to yoga, a casual practitioner, or a serious yogini this practice is sure to make an imprint.


Couples Yoga Workshop for Labor and Delivery - June 28

Opportunity for pregnant women and their partners to practice yoga poses and breathing techniques found helpful during labor and delivery. We will begin with some fun partner yoga postures, followed by a discussion about the stages and natural chemistry of labor. Partners will learn how to support and empower their laboring mamas through the use of various laboring positions, massage techniques, methods of labor communication and ways to reinforce a safe, nurturing birth environment. Relaxation techniques and comforting measures will also be explored.





Student of the Month



Barbara Diskin


"During the past 5 years, I have learned to treat the wall as a prop.  My Ease class reserves the spot at the end for me so I can have the wall and the doorknob to add extra stability as I go through the various poses.  I have often been able to go deeper into a pose knowing the wall is there for support if and when I need it.  I have come to accept the fact that I must make modifications for a few poses in order to do them and Joan has been infinitely patient and creative in helping me do so."

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General Announcements 


7 Day Challenge

Attend 7 classes within 7 consecutive days and receive $25 CHY credit.  Bonus:  Complete the #chychallenge before April 16 & choose your $25 credit OR Complimentary admission to the April 26 Yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp.  


One Week Unlimited Classes - Just $25

Previously our "new student passport" this is a one time purchase for everyone and makes the perfect pair with the #chychallenge.


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