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December 2014 Newsletter


Partners' Introduction

Every December I (Betsy) feel the same confusion.  Should I reflect on the year that’s been or plan for the year ahead?  And how can I do either in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?  It’s a difficult, but doable task.  Here’s my reflection and tips on how to stay centered and nourished this month.

I spent Thanksgiving week in my home state of Texas.  The time was filled with family and laughter and also some cherished quiet moments alone.  In those moments I reflected on the good in my life from the past year.  To do the same, take just 20 minutes and reflect on two main accomplishments from your year.

My reflection showed me my accomplishments came through regular attention and self care – an important reminder to stay on target this month.  In order to do that I’ve mapped out my yoga practices and run workouts for the month with as much attention as my holiday gatherings.

Looking for your own time of reflection and continued practice?  Pre-reserve your spot in December classes today.  Don’t forget to include our bonus holiday offering of yoga nidra each Sunday evening through December 21.

I’ve decided to leave 2015 planning until then when I’ll kick things off with our awesome CHY community in Stacey’s annual New Year’s Day Awakening workshop. 

Practice with us this month and into the New Year.  And if 'more yoga' is on your holiday wish list we've got you covered with 10% off CHY merchandise and gift certificates through the end of the year.  Use promo SHOPSMALL2014 to apply the savings online.

Peace and joy,
Betsy & Stacey

Student of the Month

Kayln Stephens

"I started coming to CHY because I live close by, but the yogahour classes, especially the 10:45AM Sunday class with Stacey, keep me coming back!"

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Upcoming Workshops

Labor & Delivery Workshop

Couples Yoga Workshop for Labor & Delivery - December 13

In this workshop pregnant women and their partners will practice yoga poses and breathing techniques helpful during labor and delivery. We will begin with some fun partner yoga postures, followed by a discussion about the stages and natural chemistry of labor. Partners will learn how to support and empower their laboring mamas through the use of various laboring positions, massage techniques, methods of labor communication and ways to reinforce a safe, nurturing birth environment.


Turn On, Tune In, Bliss Out

Turn On, Tune In, Bliss Out:  Restorative Yoga - December 20

Turn on your body's ability to relax and tune in as the stress and tension dissolves into blissful tranquility. Using soothing and deeply supported restorative yoga postures, this profoundly relaxing practice can shift your attitude, clear your mind, and heal your body. You will leave feeling completely revitalized and renewed. All levels welcome.

New Year's Day Awakening

A New Year's Day Awakening - January 1

Start your New Year with a clear vision of your sankalpa - your intention/resolve/desire - and practices for manifesting it! We will begin this New Year's Day workshop with creative exercises designed to help you develop a powerful sankalpa that truly expresses your deepest desires and wishes for your life. Then we will explore and embody our created intention with a yogahour practice and end with a short yoga nidra session (guided relaxation) to more deeply plant our intentions for the year to come.

Kirtan: The Music of Yoga - January 3

Experience the music of yoga. Kirtan is an interactive call and response style of music where singers invoke the many names and flavors of love. If you love asana, this is one way to deepen your understanding of your yoga practice. In the same way that asana helps strengthen and stretch your body in order to access a sense of peace and happiness, kirtan helps to strengthen your mind-body connection through sense experience. Hear the music, chant the words, feel the sound reverberate within you and all around you. Kirtan cultivates a sense of peace and harmony.


yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp - January 10

Barefoot Bootcamp is a difficult yet doable challenge: 4 Hours & 200 Poses. It's asana without much academia. It offers education via experience. Step in and introduce yourself to all of the poses of the yogahour syllabus. Whether you are new to yoga, a casual practitioner, or a serious yogini this practice is sure to make an imprint.



Pose of the Month

Mermaid Pose - Naginyasana I

I love Mermaid Pose because it keeps me feeling grounded and at the same time allows me to find expansion in everything from my hips up through the crown of my head.

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General Announcements

Holiday Sale

Give and receive the gift of yoga this holiday season.  Enjoy 10% off CHY merchandise and gift certificates.  Use promo SHOPSMALL2014 for savings thru Dec. 31, 2014.

Holiday Schedule

CHY will be closed Wednesday Dec. 24 - Friday Dec. 26 and Wednesday Dec. 31.  Regular classes will not be held Thursday Jan. 1, however we will offer a New Year's Day Awakening workshop from 2-4pm.  CHY will be open with full class schedule all other days.

Weekly Yoga Nidra - Sundays 7:15pm

Relax and unwind with us this holiday season. CHY will feature a special yoga nidra class with Joanna every Sunday at 7:15pm from November 30 - December 21.

Inclement Weather Notices

It's that time of year again when wintery weather can necessiate last minute closures.  Necessary class cancellations are posted online within two hours of class start.  6am classes are cancelled with any delay or closure of DC Public Schools.